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Current Issue

Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy
Volume 24, Number 6, 2019


First report of pulmonary large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy

Shearwood McClelland, Gregory A. Durm, Thomas J. Birdas, Paul M. Musto, Tim Lautenschlaeger
p. 507-510

Why we should take care of the competing risk bias in survival analysis: A phase II trial on the toxicity profile of radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Annarita Tullio, Alessandro Magli, Eugenia Moretti, Francesca Valent
p. 511-519

Dosimetric impact of uncorrected systematic yaw rotation in VMAT for peripheral lung SABR

Sarah Barrett, Pierre Thirion, Dean Harper, Andrew J.Simpkin, Michelle Leech, Kim Hickey, Laois Ryan, Laure Marignol
p. 520-527

Biopsy proven metastatic meningioma: A case report and review of the literature

Haris Vakil, Lena Tran, Gary D.Lewis, Matthew D.Cykowski, Edward Brian Butler, Bin S.Teh
p. 528-532

Evaluation of plan quality improvements in PlanIQ-guided Autoplanning

Bojarajan Perumal, Harikrishna Etti Sundaresan, Vaitheeswaran Ranganathan, Natarajan Ramar, Gipson Joe Anto, Samir Ranjan Meher
p. 533-543

Human Papillomavirus and the use of nanoparticles for immunotherapy in HPV-related cancer: A review

Michael Jakob Rupar, Pawel Golusinski, Wojciech Golusinski, Michal M. Masternak
p. 544-550

Intraoperative breast radiotherapy: survival, local control and risk factors for recurrence

Guilherme Rocha Melo Gondim, Fabiana Baroni Alves Makdissi, Ricardo Cesar Fogaroli, Juan Bautista Donoso Collins, Hirofumi Iyeyasu, Douglas Guedes de Castro, Maria Letícia Gobo Silva, Michael Jenwei Chen, Tharcisio Machado Coelho, Henderson Ramos, Antônio
p. 551-555

Changes in lung volume parameters regarding the received dose in the lobes of the lungs after locoregional radiotherapy of breast cancer

Mahsa Abdemanafi, Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli, Ali Akhavan, Iraj Abedi
p. 556-562

Skin barrier function in patients under radiation therapy due to the head and neck cancers - Preliminary study

Jakub Pazdrowski, Adriana Polańska, Joanna Kaźmierska, Wojciech Barczak, Mateusz Szewczyk, Zygmunt Adamski, Ryszard Żaba, Paweł Golusiński, Aleksandra Dańczak-Pazdrowska
p. 563-567

Formulation of normal tissue irradiation volumes in Co-60 and Ir-192 HDR ICBT of Ca cervix using Total Reference Air Kerma (TRAK)

Ngangom Robert, R.P. Chauhan, Arun Oinam, Bhavana Rai
p. 568-575

Dose distribution comparison in volumetric-modulated arc therapy plans for head and neck cancers with and without an external body contour extended technique

Yoshihiro Tanaka, Hajime Monzen, Kenji Matsumoto, Shinichiro Inomata, Toshiaki Fuse
p. 576-584

Measurement of percentage dose at the surface for a 6 MV photon beam

O.O. Galván De la Cruz, M.A. Rodríguez-Ávila, T. Rivera-Montalvo, O.A. García Garduño
p. 585-592

Intrinsic radiosensitivity, genomic-based radiation dose and patterns of failure of penile cancer in response to adjuvant radiation therapy

Zhigang Yuan, G.Daniel Grass, Mounsif Azizi, Kamran A. Ahmed, G. Sean J. Yoder, Eric A. Welsh, William J. Fulp, Jasreman Dhillon, Javier F. Torres-Roca, Anna R. Giuliano, Philippe E. Spiess, Peter A. Johnstone
p. 593-599

Comparison of patient-specific intensity modulated radiation therapy quality assurance for the prostate across multiple institutions

Kazuki Kubo, Hajime Monzen, Kohei Shimomura, Kenji Matsumoto, Tomoharu Sato, Mikoto Tamura, Kiyoshi Nakamatsu, Kentaro Ishii, Ryu Kawamorita
p. 600-605

Evaluating the accuracy of geometrical distortion correction of magnetic resonance images for use in intracranial brain tumor radiotherapy

Seyed Mehdi Bagherimofidi, Claus Chunli Yang, Roberto Rey-Dios, Madhava R. Kanakamedala, Ali Fatemi
p. 606-613

Set-up error validation with EPID images: Measurements vs Egs_cbct simulation

D. van Eeden, F.H.J. O’Reilly, F.C.P. du Plessis
p. 614-623

A case of Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma (LELC) developed in the rectum

Haruka Oi, Satoshi Yamamoto, Yoshiharu Kono, Yukiyoshi Masaki
p. 624-628

Cardiotoxicity of mediastinal radiotherapy

Ivica Ratosa, Maja Ivanetic Pantar
p. 629-643

Feasibility study on the use of 230 MeV proton cyclotron in proton therapy centers as a spallation neutron source for BNCT

E. Nobakht, N. Fouladi
p. 644-653

Dose to swallowing structures and dysphagia in head and neck Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy – A long term prospective analysis

Ram Abhinav Kannan, TR Arul Ponni
p. 654-659

Detailed analysis of dose difference in using water as tissue-equivalent material in 252Cf brachytherapy

Izadi Vasafi Gholamhossein, Mehdi Firoozabadi Mohammad, Ghorbani Mahdi
p. 660-666

Radiosurgery for brain metastases from ovarian cancer: an analysis of 25 years’ experience with Gamma Knife treatment

Rosa Maria Leon-Salas Ordoñez, Beatriz E. Amendola, Paul F. Martinez, Aizik Wolf, Sammie R. Coy, Marco Amendola
p. 667-671

Increased radiation toxicity with germline ATM variant of uncertain clinical significance

Brandon T. Mullins, Gaorav Gupta
p. 672-680

Biological dose-enhancement analysis with Monte Carlo simulation for Lipiodol for photon beams

Daisuke Kawahara, Shuichi Ozawa, Hisashi Nakano, Katsumaro Kubo, Takehiro Shiinoki, Tomoki Kimura, Yasushi Nagata
p. 681-687

SPECT-CT localization of axillary sentinel lymph nodes for radiotherapy of early breast cancer

Sergey Novikov, Pavel Krzhivitskii, Sergey Kanaev, Petr Krivorotko, Nikolay Ilin, Julia Melnik, Nadejda Popova
p. 688-694

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